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Angela Pittinger and Joanne Pritt

 My Teacher's Library - designed for teachers.

My Teacher's Library is an automated library management system for organizing and managing your classroom library. It provides advanced capabilities geared to the needs of teachers focused on literacy skills and content standards. Through continuous collaboration with the teaching community, we strive to provide features that help teachers maintain an efficient, organized, and productive classroom.

Always Available. On any device.

Cloud architecture provides access from any Internet location to your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.* Since it resides in the cloud, your data is always up to date no matter where you are or which device you're using - there's never anything to install, transfer or backup.

Powerful. Easy.

Multi-media support, Automated ISBN cataloging, Text and Reading Level catalog searches, Labels, Automated Checkout, Class Roster import, Librarians, Email Reminders, free cloud storage - these are but a few of the advanced features available, and the list keeps growing.

Our Story

We designed and created My Teacher's Library after we spoke with Joanne, Angie, and other teachers who were unable to find existing apps that provided the tools they needed. They wanted more teacher-friendly features so they could spend more time teaching and mentoring, and less time managing. Many spend their own money for their classroom library materials, and were losing a significant amount of that money from lost items.

Based on their input, we created a state of the art app to fulfill those needs, one that will work on whatever type of device you have available - laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone, and that requires no installation. All its features are available whether you're at your desk or on the move with your mobile device.

Bar code scanning, automated cataloging, quick checkout with email reminders, flexible search capabilities, reading level correlation, inventory control, labels, activity reports, roster import... We've automated the heavy lifting so you can focus on your students instead of trying to keep track of everything else.

Teachers have been, and continue to be an important life-changing influence on each and every one of us. With expanding class sizes and increased responsibilities, they deserve state of the art tools to help them keep up, and achieve their goals. We are proud to provide resources to help make that happen.

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*Each device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) must have an HTML5 compliant browser and an Internet connection to take advantage of the My Teacher's Library service.

My Teacher's Library is a subsidiary of Britten Software.