Cloud technology makes your library available at any time

Always Available

Use your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

No matter which type of device you use, each works equally well with My Teacher's Library.*

And, there's no need for a separate app for scanning - My Teacher's Library does it all.

All you need is a modern browser and an Internet connection.

There's Nothing to Install

teacher with computer and Internet resources

It's always on and always up to date.

There's no need to back up data, or transfer anything from device to device.

And, there's no device setup.

Library updates made from one device are instantly available on any other.

Access your Library from School and Home

birds in flight

Enjoy the freedom of device independence.

Working from home without your school computer?

Use your home computer or other device for viewing reports, cataloging new items, and other library management activities.

 Ready to make your life easier?

*Each device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) must have an HTML5 compliant browser and an Internet connection to take advantage of the My Teacher's Library service.