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My Teacher's Library is an online classroom library checkout system for managing books, DVDs, CDs and more. It gives you control of your resources and prevents loss with easy to use screens, automated lending and email reminders.

With advanced capabilities, it provides a full featured library that's still fun and easy to use. Even the kids love using it!

  • Search on standard catalog information: title, subtitle, description, author, publisher, genre and subject.
  • You can also search by leveled reading score. My Teacher's Library employs Leveled Reading Score Correlation, which allows you to utilize more of your library when targeting reading and interest levels.
  • Custom Book Series and Text Sets are supported so you can create resource sets based on your own classroom plans.
  • You can add your own notes & comments to titles for future reference, and you can bookmark resources you've found on the Internet for a title, making your library a centralized, organized source for your related information.
  • Improve your organization a step further by storing documents such as lesson plans and worksheets right in the library, so everything having to do with a title or series is in one convenient place.
  • Reading assessment is easier since lending activity is recorded. You always know who read what, and when. Plus, you know whether they returned it on time and in what condition.
  • Labels contain your library contact information, so if an item becomes lost, there's a better chance it will be returned.
  • Checking in and out takes only seconds - scan the label with your camera, webcam, or barcode scanner, or key in the item number. My Teacher's Library will even send a reminder email and overdue notice when needed.
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Catalog your collection, print and apply your labels, and you're ready to go!

  • The catalog information gets automatically entered into your library by typing in the ISBN or ISSN, or by scanning the ISBN bar code with your camera, webcam, or an optional USB barcode scanner.
  • You can also manually catalog items. This gives you an added benefit of including non-ISBN registered materials in your library, like books from smaller publishers and other types of materials.
  • Or, if you have your collection listed in a spreadsheet file, it can be imported into your library using My Teacher's Library Smart Import feature.
  • Once your catalog is created, a label with a unique scan code is created for each item. Library items can be checked in and out by entering the Item number from the label, or by scanning the code with your camera, webcam or scanner.
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My Teacher's Library is compatible with most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. It's a web app, so it uses your web browser instead of being tied to a brand or OS, such as Apple, Android or Windows. This means you can most likely use the device you already have, whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Required Items

 An Internet connection.

 A modern HTML5 compliant web browser.

 A printer is required to create the scan code labels.

Optional Items

All the features of My Teacher's Library are available via keyboard or keypad, but to take advantage of scanning, the following needs to be present on your device:

  • For mobile devices - Cameras come preinstalled, so nothing else is needed!
  • For Laptops & PCs - A webcam or barcode scanner is needed to scan the label for checking in and out, and to scan the ISBN barcode for cataloging.

Highly Recommended

barcode scanner If you're using a laptop or PC, a USB barcode scanner is highly recommended for cataloging your library, and for daily management.

Entering the Item number or the 10 or 13 digit ISBN into the form doesn't take much time or effort, and the camera is easy, but takes a bit of time to focus. Using a scanner is fast and only takes one click. - And there's no opportunity for error from typing the number.

The minimal investment for a scanner ($20 or less) pays for itself many times over in accuracy and time saved. Check out these recommendations.

Browser Logos

Most modern browsers that support HTML5, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari* support the full range of My Teacher's Library features**.

As with most modern web apps, to benefit from all the features we provide, please be sure cookies and Javascript are enabled.

*Safari has not yet fully implemented the features necessary for our automated camera scanning. However, you can still use your Apple mobile device camera for scanning by snapping a photo of the scancode; Apple laptops and desktops using Safari will instead need a USB barcode scanner, as the webcam is not made available to our program on those devices.
Once Safari implements the necessary functionality, our scanning feature will become available to you automatically.
Safari is no longer supported on Windows.

**Internet Explorer is not compliant for the automated camera scanning feature. It has been tested to successfully support all features except webcam scanning.

teacher at computer

My Teacher's Library is designed to run anywhere, especially on your computer at school. Since it doesn't require any software installation, there's no issue with using it on a protected school system.

Security is an important issue these days, and more system administrators are working to keep the threat surface small. In light of this, potential roadblocks could occur if:

  • your school has restricted Internet access to unapproved web sites. Rarely should this occur, but if it does, your administrator can grant access to MyTeachersLibrary.com.
  • your school prevents devices from being plugged into the USB ports, and you want to use a bar code scanner to catalog and maintain your library.  Your administrator should be able to grant permissions in this case also.
My Teacher's Library and Security

My Teacher's Library uses an encrypted channel for all your activities, and since we don't sponsor ads, we don't harbor the vulnerability they present. So, foregoing any of the above restrictions, My Teacher's Library should perform seamlessly, safely and securely on your system.

teacher on home computer

Yes, you can run it on your home computer, as well as your tablet and smartphone.

That's the beauty of the cloud - you can access your library from any device, anywhere you have access to the Internet, and your data is always in sync.

And - there's no charge for multiple devices!

black smartphone

All features are available when using your smart phone, provided it has a recent version of an HTML5 compliant browser. However, automated camera scanning (technically media streaming) is an area where not all browsers are fully up to date with the current implementation of the W3C WebRTC standard or Candidate Recommendation, and this may affect your experience.

As noted above under Which Internet Browser Should I Use?, as long as your phone has a compliant browser, our automated scanning feature using the camera will work. A notable exception is Apple Safari, which is not yet up to date with the implementation in this area.

We've put extra effort into making this feature available on as many devices as possible, and have enabled scanning on some non-compliant browsers by using the camera to take a photo in lieu of automated scanning.

This means that Apple iPhones and iPads, older Android tablets, and even some Kindles can still perform scanning by using the built-in camera. The difference is, instead of the device automatically capturing the scancode and processing it, you just snap a photo of it, then the photo is processed normally. We've tested with a number of devices, and had success with those we've tried, but testing on your device is the best way to make sure it works.

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We welcome group memberships from schools and other institutions. If you represent a school, district or other institution, create an account on our Administrator registration page to get started.

Then email your purchase order to service@myteacherslibrary.com or post mail it to:

My Teacher's Library
PO Box 52274
Mesa, Arizona 85208

Once we receive your purchase order, we will return an activation code which will allow your users to activate their subscription.

Group Discounts

We are happy to offer a discount to schools and districts for group memberships of five or more users. Please view the Purchase Order pricing page for more information or contact us at service@myteacherslibrary.com with additional questions.

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We welcome and encourage suggestions! We want to keep improving My Teacher's Library, and interaction with our community of teachers is the best way to make sure we're fulfilling your needs.

You can contact us here My Teacher's Library logo or on our facebook page. facebook logo

We look forward to hearing from you!