Save time and regain control of your classroom library

Automated Cataloging Lets You Add Items in Seconds

scanning a book ISBN with scanner

Your items are cataloged automatically by scanning the barcode or entering the ISBN or ISSN number.

Scan with your camera, webcam or a scanner, or enter the number to create a catalog record in seconds.

DVDs and CDs with an ISBN can be scanned too!

Items can also be entered manually or imported from a file.

Automated Check Out Ensures Everything is Accounted For

student checking out books

Automated check out & check in saves time and eliminates errors. No more losing track by forgetting to write things down.

Check out and check in takes only seconds, and the automated process ensures accurate information.

Regain control of your inventory and minimize loss.

Use any device for check in and check out, without having to install anything!

Automated Email Reminders Reduce Follow-up Contacts

emails on phone

Email reminders can be sent before the due date, and again if the item becomes overdue.

Send email alerts to the responsible parties. You choose who will receive notifications.

You can create what the reminder messages say, and set how many days before the due date they are sent.

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